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Whether you need something written from scratch, edited for style and substance, or simply proofread for typos & grammar glitches, I can help.

Need communications that look great too? I can provide seamlessly integrated graphic design services to keep your message consistently on point. I handle everything from corporate communications and marketing to resumes, application essays, personal communications and more.

I earned an English degree from Washington and Lee University and studied writing and literature at Exeter College, Oxford and the University of Virginia.  In graduate school I taught grammar and language skills to foreign students, published literary reviews, and tutored Division I basketball and football recruits in writing.  When I realized that climbing the ladder of academia wasn't going to make me happy, I flipped the script and went to work for an investment firm specializing in mortgage and asset-backed securities. (Weird but true: I like math almost as much as I like words.) I went on to spend six years in the finance world building quantitative financial risk models and providing investment portfolio analytics.  

Even when I was crunching numbers, I was always writing. Economic commentary, portfolio performance summaries, and investment research reports replaced literary analysis and review, but I soon found myself with a side gig editing all sorts of communications - corporate and otherwise. Whether it was the CEO's letter to investors or the girl in the next cubicle's law school school application essays, everybody always wanted a little help with their writing.

Twenty some years later, I find that most people still want a little help polishing their communications. These days, that can mean building a website and a social media presence for a small business, launching a major fundraising event or annual fund campaign for a nonprofit, helping an entrepreneur pitch a new business idea, providing coaching and editing services for school application essays, or simply proofreading important documents for busy individuals. If you're looking for a little extra polish in your communications, peruse the FAQs, oget in touch to learn more.

Jenni Grant Soccorso

"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter."    - Mark Twain

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