What's the difference between proofreading and editing?

When I proofread a document, I'll review it with an eagle eye, looking for typos and grammatical errors and providing a final level of polish and professionalism. I won't be looking for issues with the content, style, or structure of the writing. The real heavy lifting of good writing comes in the editing phase. When I edit a document, I'll start with the assumption that the document is not a finished draft. I'll make suggestions that will improve the clarity, coherence, and style. I'll focus on word choice and help you hone your writing into a concise, effective, and stylish piece. All editing services include final proofreading.

I want my writing to sound like me. How do you get the tone right?

One of my biggest priorities is making sure I understand the personality and tone of the person or organization I'm working for. If you have multiple writers producing content for your organization, I can help you develop a style guide that creates some uniformity across individual writing styles and voices.

How does your pricing work? Do you charge by the word?

I never charge by the word because it's easy to create "flabby" writing (vague and rife with extra words, overly complicated sentences, and fluff). The hardest part of writing well is keeping things clean, concise, and on point. Less has always been more when it comes to words. I charge by the hour or by the project. If you're interested in finding out more about pricing, let's talk.

POLISHED: (ˈpä-lisht )|adj|made smooth; refined; flawless; skillful; excellent